About Us

At Allorion Therapeutics, we focus on developing novel small molecule drugs against cancer and autoimmune diseases. Our team is comprised of experts in cancer biology and drug development. The fields we want to dive into include:

• selecting well-validated targets with clear clinic development routes and discovering their modulators with distinct mechanisms of actions
• building our innovative data and screening platforms for sustainable success
• constructing chemical libraries with priorities on allosteric and covalent modulators and optimizing the libraries through the aid of AI

Allorion has dual sites operating in Natick, Massachusetts and Guangzhou, China.


We want to develop the next-generation targeted therapies to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.


We believe in a more precise future of targeted therapies and an extended reach of precision medicine to more patients. We want to stay at new frontiers of drug development by leveraging the delineations of human genomes and breakthroughs in drug design.


We develop mutant selective and isoform-specific drugs in non-conventional ways for well-known targets to improve efficacy and prevent resistance. We also utilizer our data and screen platforms to identify novel targets and chemicals for extending precision medicine to more patients. Carefully cultivating the synergy of these two approaches will ensure a systematic and sustained way for building our pipeline and transforming the paradigm of treating cancer and autoimmune disease.

Development Pipeline

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Office and labs - Guangzhou

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