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April 2024

A High-Throughput Phenotypic Screen to Identify Small Molecule Inhibitors of Werner Helicase


October 2023

ARTS-021-1001: Phase I/II study of ARTS-021, a potent, oral administrated, selective CDK2 inhibitor, in advanced or metastatic solid tumors

The anti-tumor activity of CDK2 inhibition alone or in combination with other anti-cancer agents in human cancers.

CDK2 inhibition demonstrates synthetic lethality in SCLC through apoptotic induction

September 2023

ARTS-021: first patient treated

August 2023

ARTS-011: first healthy volunteer dosed


May 2022

Characterization of ARTS-011, a Potent and Selective TYK2 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Inflammatory Disease

April 2022

ARTS-021 is a potent and selective CDK2 inhibitor that demonstrates anti-cancer activity in preclinical cancer models with CCNE1 amplification