First-in-Class Therapeutics


Allorion Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that focuses on creating new small molecule drugs for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Our Vision

We envision a future where targeted therapies are more precise and accessible, extending the reach of precision medicine to a broader patient base. Staying at the forefront of drug development, we harness the power of human genome delineation and cutting-edge drug design breakthroughs.

Our Aim

Our goal is to pioneer the next generation of targeted therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Our dedicated team of drug discovery and development experts is committed to creating novel small molecule drugs, distinguished by their unique mechanisms of action.

Our Approach

Our strategy is twofold. First, we focus on developing mutant-selective and isoform-specific drugs that target well-known markers in non-conventional ways. This approach aims to enhance efficacy and combat drug resistance. Secondly, we leverage our innovative data and screening platforms to discover novel targets and chemicals, broadening the scope of precision medicine. The synergy of these approaches ensures a systematic and sustainable evolution of our pipeline, poised to transform the treatment paradigm in cancer and autoimmune diseases.


July 2020

$15M in pre-A round funding

August 2021

$40M in series A funding

January 2023

$50M in series B funding

April 2023

Initiated IND/Phase I for ARTS-011

May 2023

Launched IND/Phase I for ARTS-021

January 2024

Concluded license agreement for ARTS-021

January 2024

Concluded license agreement for EGFR L858R Inhibitor